About Me

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Welcome to my breathing space! My name is Jessica Fox-Wilson and I am a lot of things.

I am a mother, to a little bundle of toddler joy named Nora. Becoming a mother has turned my life upside down, partially because I started motherhood well into my thirties and partially because of my Capricornian tendency to like structure and order. It’s also been a way for me to learn grace and compassion and mindful awareness, when I’m not being turned upside down.

I am a poet, writer, and all around creative, when I have the time. One month before I conceived, I published my first book, Blameless Mouth. After I got pregnant, I found myself turning inward and neglecting my writing. I’ve done a little journaling online about these first and second years of motherhood, but I am hoping to turn back to poetry and writing. In the meantime, I dabble in photography and try to capture my self in writing here.

You can learn more about why I chose the name Breathing Oxygen here, but I hope that this space is where I can get back in touch with my creativity. I write about a broad array of topics, as you can see, but the core of this blog is about my connection to creativity as a means for self-care. I hope that you’ll check back here every Monday, Wednesday and alternate Friday for new posts.

I would love to join in the conversation with you. Please join me, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tell me about how you nurture your creative space.


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