The Documented Life Project (Catch-Up): Weeks 5, 6, & 7 Prompts

When I started The Documented Life Project, it was my sincere goal to keep up with the weekly prompts and blog weekly about my work. And then, life kicked in. The semester started, I began teaching my class, and suddenly, it was all I could do to keep up with weekly prompts. I’ve been sharing my work on Instagram and in the project’s Facebook group, of course, but I haven’t updated this blog much of late. Writing has taken a back seat to mixed media and frankly, I regret nothing. This project is such a blessing to my creative life that I (almost) don’t feel guilty for writing every two weeks.

But now, I have an evening free and I’m ready to provide some updates on my journal. It’s already getting big and chunky, full of mistakes and unexpected fun. So, without further ado, here’s what weeks 5-7 have looked like. I’m only providing collages of my images in these catch-up updates, so if you want to see more pictures of in progress journal pages than you probably need, head on over to my Instagram profile.

Week 5 – Add a Doodle Border

Week 5 - Doodle Border

(Pen, Watercolor, collaged creative commons image and tissue paper)

To be honest, I kind of hate this page. I have never considered myself a draw-er, so the doodle border scared the heck out of me. For the whole week, I practiced doodle upon doodle. I experimented with shapes, lettering, and shading. Finally, I settled on this winding vine, which I really like. But then, I had to have the rest of the page. Oops! I tried to layer on some acrylics, which ended up looking really muddy, so I ripped out the page and tried again. I settled on this simple border with a watercolor page and a xerox line drawing of a maenad, covered in yellow tissue paper. The only blessing of this page is that I loosened up on my doodling a bit, which I think will help me down the line with this project.

Week 6 – Pinterest Inspiration

Week 6 - Pinterest

(Acrylic paint, watercolor pencil, watercolor, ink, washi tape, stamps, tissue paper)

During Week 6, we were encouraged to go to Pinterest for inspiration. Personally, I use Pinterest to catch all of my food recipes. I very rarely use it for art. I could have scrambled and tried to find some art on Pinterest to imitate, but instead, I found myself thinking about why I don’t use Pinterest that much. Pinterest stresses me out – it feels like the place where I eat healthier, exercise more, parent better, wear cuter clothes, and on and on. It’s not a place of fun for me. So, I tried to encapsulate that in these three pages. The cover page (bottom right) was my version of my Pinterest dashboard. The interior cover (top right) was a direct reflection of the image for this Vegan Samoa recipe. The interior page (left) was inspired by the image for a self-help article. This page felt like a turning point for me in this project, because I used new techniques and stretched toward a more emotional reaction to the prompt, rather than a literal reaction.

Week 7 – Repeat a Shape – Add Color

Week 7 - Repeated Shape

(Dot markers, washi tape, ink, watercolor and acrylic paints)

After the doodle week, I began doodling in earnest. And my most doodled shape was circles – piles and piles of circles. When the prompt was revealed for repeating shapes, there was no question what shape I would pick. I also had been dying to use my daughter’s “Dot-Dot Markers” to create a background. The technique that I am most proud of in this set is the watercolor shapes. I painted watercolor paper with watercolors then cut them into different-sized circles, then added white acrylic paint for an accent. They ended up looking really interesting, against the dot backgrounds.


Stay tuned for the rest of my weeks. hopefully to be posted soon.


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