The Documented Life Project: Week 1 Prompt

Week 1 Cover

Week 1 Interior 1

Week 1 Interior 2

I’m a little behind on my postings for The Documented Life Project, so I’m hoping to share both Week 1 and Week 2 today, in separate posts. Week 1 was released on January 1 and Week 2 was released on Sunday, January 5, so I’ve been a fast and furious art journaler.

The first prompt for The Documented Life Project was to create my front door. I spent most of the first week of 2014 thinking about doors and doorways. It was an interesting way to start the year, as I was crossing the year’s threshold. As I was thinking about all that I wanted to be in 2014, the following phrase came to me: “I often live in the liminal space between opening and closing.” After a few moments journaling, I arrived at this poem/fragment:

She knew her body
was a door with an iron handle,
cracked open.

I often live
in that liminal
space between
opening and
closing, entering
and leaving.

I am threshold.

Instead of hovering,
I want to embody home,
to be the golden living room
at dusk. To be the moment we
sit down and play.

My vision for the page was to have a woman’s body peek out from behind a door. I created a woman’s shape using watercolor paper, painted it with watercolors, and enhanced the outline with white acrylic paint. I used the last stanza as inspiration for my color scheme, so I used orange, red, and yellow as my main colors, with black and white as accents. As I continued to work on the page, I adapted my vision along the way. I traced outlines of keys and added layers of tissue paper, in an effort to add texture.

At the center of this page, for me, I think is my desire to live from my center this year.  How does living from my center feel?  It feels like digging into the centers of my experiences, rather than hovering on the outside. It feels like being centered in my interactions with my daughter, my husband, my friends. It feels like knowing who I am at my core and acting from that core. It is rooting myself in a place of love and joy.


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