100 Days of Real Food Mini-Challenges, Week 2

Starting on November 25, I’m participating in the 100 Days of Real Food: 14 Week Mini-Challenges. Each week, I’ll post a reminder about my new weekly challenge and a recap of how my week went. I want to engage in this process mindfully and gently. My goal is to find a healthier path overall, which will be easier if I treat myself kindly. You can read the whole series here.

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Week 2: Real Beverages

For this second week of my 100 Days of Mini-Food Challenges, my goal was to drink only “real” beverages: water, tea, coffee (which I don’t drink), milk (which I don’t drink) and moderate wine consumption (an average of 1 glass per day). All of the beverages could only be sweetened with honey or maple syrup. For a Diet Pepsi aficionado (nice way of saying addict), this was my most dreaded week. Every time I give up soda, the detox is horrible and I only last a few weeks. This was going to be quite the test.

What I Ate (Drank) This Week

With all that lead-up, and my own sense of impending doom, I have to say that it wasn’t that bad. I drank a bottle of water with lemon slices on most days and tons of tea. I actually left my honey at home, so most of my tea was unsweetened. I barely noticed the difference.

Carrying over last week’s challenge was another matter. I did fine for the first half of the week, but then I went to a conference out of town. All of my food choices were dictated for me and there was nary a fruit or vegetable in sight. I chose every piece of produce I could find and I still was way under for each meal. *Sigh* Luckily, we brought some apples and clementines with us, so I was able to sneak back to the room to get snacks every now and then.

Successes & Challenges

My main success: I did not have any soda or carbonated water at all this week. I drank tons of water and tea. I thought I would miss hot chocolates, but I honestly didn’t miss them that much. I stayed within my limit for wine. So, I basically did it! And the detox was not that bad.

However, I had two slip-ups. One was completely intentional and one was mindless. For my intentional slip-up, the conference had tons of teas, but only non-natural sweeteners. I chose a chai tea during breakfast and it was incredibly bitter. I used a sugar packet with the tea, because honey and maple syrup was not available. And the world kept spinning. My second slip up was interesting. It was Friday night, I had just successfully presented at the conference, and Aaron and I went to a restaurant. I ordered a margarita, as I would normally do at a restaurant. About halfway through the meal, I remembered my mini-food challenge. Oops! I enjoyed that margarita and let it go, because at that point, what else could I do?

What I’m Taking Away

I’m definitely going to stick with this week’s mini-challenge. If I have the opportunity for margaritas as a restaurant, of course I’ll take it, but for the most part, I’m going to focus on real beverages during my average day. I’m also going to continue to focus on eating my two vegetables and fruits per meal.

In fact, the next challenge is to limit meat consumption. It’s actually to eat only local meats, but we cannot afford that in our budget. (I’m still thinking through how to make some swaps in our spending.)  Instead, I will be limiting meat consumption to dinners only. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “100 Days of Real Food Mini-Challenges, Week 2

  1. Jenn

    If you are looking for a way to buy local meat inexpensively I recommend I finding a farmer and working out a deal with him/her. We have friends who own a farm in Green Bay and we get the majority of our beef and pork from them (or their neighbors). We are still looking for a good supplier of chicken but you make the changes that you can and go from there. On average we pay around $2.00 a pound (this includes the butchering cost, etc), for a huge freezer full of pork and beef that is humanely and locally raised. Something to consider.

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