Yes, to Vacation

Yes to Vacation

Ginger tea + Netflix + my husband = Yes, Vacation

For the first time since the start of school, I’m taking time off of work. Well-earned time, if I do say so myself. My mom is in town, so not only do I have time off, but we have an extra pair of hands to help with Nora. W00t!

As I’m relaxing into the week, I want to mark the tangible and ordinary ways that I’m saying yes to vacation this week.

I’m saying yes to spending time with my family.
I’m centering more in my play with Nora, being present as she makes up her games. My favorite new game is her variation on Ring Around the Rosie: “Ring around the rosie / a pocketful of SNACKS! / ashes, ashes, we all fall down.” Don’t ask me how she came up with this, but she thinks it’s hilarious. And so do I.

I’m spending some well-earned free time with Aaron this week, too. My mom didn’t arrive until Sunday afternoon, which allowed us to have most of our weekend before we began hosting my mom. During nap on Monday, while both Nora and my mom napped, we cuddled at the dinner table and watched Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. It may have been my favorite moment so far.

Of course, I also get to spend time with my mom. I haven’t seen her in person since last Thanksgiving. She’s a hugely important presence in my life and I really am so grateful for this time with her. Since my mom and I are doing some adult fun things, we’re keeping Nora in daycare for yesterday and today, so we have some true quality time together.

I’m saying yes to exploring new things.
The beauty of having family in town is finding the new nooks and crannies in my small city. Since we moved to a city that is 90% smaller than our last city (no joke), I have to try harder to find new things to do. Yesterday, we found it.

We went to quite possibly the cutest/coolest natural foods store: Kauffman’s Country Store. It’s run by a Mennonite community and for a tiny store, it had such treasures inside. I bought an amazingly priced huge jar of pure maple syrup, organic popcorn, 2 types of organic peanut butter, sea salt (again, so cheap), steel cut oats, and a few snacky things – dried fruit and crackers. My mom bought a pie for Thanksgiving and some fudge and jam for gifts to bring to friends at home.

I’m saying yes to self-care.
Because it’s such a well-earned vacation, I’m focusing on taking care of my self. I’m still waking up at 5:00 AM for what I’ve been calling my “I” (Introversion) time. It’s a practice I started almost a year ago, thanks to a Water Your Soul class and it keeps me centered and sane, more than anything else in my life. Even if it’s only to watch The Voice on Hulu and blog, I need this time to be on my own.

My mom and I also engaged in our own mini-ritual, facials at a salon/spa together. Every time I sit on the table and melt into someone else taking care of me, I try to think of ways that I can bring this level of relaxation back home with me. I imagine myself doing weekly home facials for myself (ha!) or trying to finance quarterly facials on my own (ha, ha!). But the reason why facials or massages work for me, is because it’s special. It’s not part of my weekly/monthly/quarterly routine and It feels good to live outside of the routine.

I’m so lucky for all the ways I get to say yes this week, before heading into the tail end of my semester. How are you saying yes to yourself during this busy season?


2 thoughts on “Yes, to Vacation

  1. Michele Karlsson

    We take a ridiculously long trip to Sweden and wallow in family and snow. Truthfully, though, my whole experience here is about learning a new way to live, so the holidays are just an extension of that practice.

    1. Jessica Post author

      I love that, Michele. As you know, here we consider vacation “other time”, not ordinary time. I wish we did a better job as a culture bringing our priorities of vacation time into everyday life. We have something to learn from the Italians and Swedes.


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