It Started with Two Trips…


Downtown Chicago, October

Right after Nora’s birthday, over my school’s October break, I took a group of students to Milwaukee and a separate group to Chicago, with only one day in between. And then the next week, I had a site visit for a new grant I’m managing at work. Then, the week after that, was a full day of advising workshops, when I had to present 3 workshops. The next week, I administered personality and career assessments to a class of 15 students. And then last week was actually okay, but I was out of the practice of writing every week, and I was deep into survival mode.

And here I am now, waking up after five weeks of no writing or photography, wondering how to start writing again. I woke up this morning, realizing that I just need to jump back in, even though I hate hate hate writing these “Where the heck have I been” posts that seem to be a reality for all bloggers everywhere.

When these dry spells happen, as they are wont to do in any chock-full life, I feel like I lose a little bit of myself. And in a way, I do. When I stopped writing during pregnancy, it was necessary. But then, I lost the account of what will likely be my own pregnancy. When I stopped writing as much during these first two years of Nora’s life, I lost the little bits of what I hoped to remember. I won’t know the exact days of all of her second year milestones.

But then I have to remember, it happened and I carry it in my body. It can never be taken away from me.

Starting this week, I’m hoping to jump back into writing and catch up on everything that’s been happening, the good and the hard. And I’ll keep on writing until the next time I need to dig in to survival mode.


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