Links I Love, Volume 10

links I love

Image from my Instagram feed, altered in PicMonkey

On alternate Fridays, I will post links about the things that I’m thinking about, reading, watching, or doing, and of course, they’ll be content that I love. In this practice, I’m hoping to curate my own storehouse of media that showcases my interests. You can find all of the Links I Love posts here.

It’s been a rough work week over here, so this is a late and abbreviated Links I Love. I’m way behind in my feed reader, so there’s probably some hidden gems in there. Oh well, such is life.

Family Love

Amanda Palmer shared a really cute and touching story of her nephew and how he expresses his love. It made me really look forward to having a six-year old.


Melissa at Dear Baby wrote a real life love letter to her husband of six years, which I really felt represented what it’s like to be in a relationship when you have little kids.

Gentle Parenting for Toddlers

Nell at Whole Parenting Family wrote a lovely post on why fear and force don’t work as long-term parenting strategies. We’re just hitting that point in our parenting lives where frustration is a reality. Nora’s learning to push buttons and test boundaries, which is as fun as it sounds, so this is a timely reminder.

Lip Syncing Joy

Over at Be Present, Be Here, Liz was inspired by the lip sync battle on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. So, she created a really beautiful, vulnerable video of her lip syncing to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. It was inspiring, and she invited others to do the same. Maybe some day. 

And speaking of Jimmy Fallon, did you see the #hashtag video yet? I can’t stop watching it.

What links did you love this week?




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