Today, I Will Say Yes

say yes 2

Photo from my Instagram feed, altered in PicMonkey

Today, I will say yes to:

  • summer in October, however long it agrees to last.
  • the occasional hot chocolate, in the chilly mornings.
  • finally giving up caffeine, after two tries this summer. Next stop: giving up soda all together.
  • Nora’s latest developmental leap, even in it’s challenges.
  • being needed and needing others.
  • being human, even (especially) in my stresses and mistakes.
  • being gentle with myself at the end of the day, by leaving early when I know I have to return to work later.
  • earlier bedtimes for everyone, when warranted and possible.
  • reconnecting with my husband at the end of the long day.
  • reconnecting with myself in the morning, before everyone else wakes up.
  • reconnecting the Wii, so we can watch TV on non-computer screens again.
  • treating ourselves to new phones, so that we can finally make phone calls…on our phones.
  • treating ourselves more often.

Inspired by my participation in Liz Lameroux’s Yes, This online course.


2 thoughts on “Today, I Will Say Yes

  1. Jessica

    Forever, for now. I feel physically better and I sleep better when I don’t have caffeine in my system. I’m trying to slow motion detox from a lot of things (caffeine, sugar, processed foods), because I really haven’t been feeling my best and I have zero time for exercise lately.


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