Links I Love, Volume 8

links I love

Image from my Instagram feed, altered in PicMonkey

On alternate Fridays, I will post links about the things that I’m thinking about, reading, watching, or doing, and of course, they’ll be content that I love. In this practice, I’m hoping to curate my own storehouse of media that showcases my interests. You can find all of the Links I Love posts here.

Before I get into the links, I wanted to give a short Nora daycare update. The hysterical crying from Tuesday night was not her subconscious processing of the daycare transition, but the start of a cold. Because of course, she would get a cold when introduced to the new environment. So, on Wednesday night we all got about 3 hours of sleep, as we tried to help her find a position to sleep and breathe. Last night, however, we all went to bed at the same time and we got tons of sleep. It seems she really likes the daycare, though.

Miley Cyrus & Gender & Race

It’s a good thing that this is a biweekly post. If it was weekly, it would have been populated with many more Miley analysis articles. Here are my two favorties.

Eric Clap, a Lutheran pastor, flips the conversation and talks about Robin Thicke’s role in the performance and how we should hold him responsible for his behavior. I wish more people had taken this tack.

Tressie McMillan Cottom provides probably the best analysis (in my opinion) on the cultural appropriation/racial messaging in Miley’s performance.

Body Image

You know those memes that use real people in their images? What happens to them? At XOJane, Kelly Martin Broderick shares her experience of being the subject of a fat-shaming/feminist-shaming meme.

At Jezebel, there is an excellent article by Lindy West on corporate advertising’s message to women about their bodies. It’s long, but please read it through to the last line.

Birth Culture

What’s a Links I Love without an article on birth? Tinker Taylor Moldy Rye shares her discomfort with the Improving Birth Rallies and it’s inclusion of all types of birth and all women who birth.

Children’s Literature

My friend Alicia writes a great parenting blog that reviews the children’s books she reads with her kids. You should follow her. In a recent post, she analyzes the 1950’s classic Tootle. It’s spot on.

Those are my links for this week! I’d love to hear what you thought about them.

What links did you love these past two weeks?


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