Check Out My Guest Post on Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers

Over at Momma Needs Coffee, Lynn is hosting a series of guest posts on advice for new breastfeeding mothers and their friends. She has a friend who plans on breastfeeding, and as a formula feeding mother, Lynn didn’t know how to give her advice. So, she marshalled her blogging friends to create posts for her friend and for people like her who want to support breastfeeding mothers, but may not know how.

You know how much I love to write about breastfeeding, so I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. My post shares 5 common problems that new breastfeeding mothers face and my perspective on how best to support those mothers. As I write in my post:

I never anticipated the difficulties in establishing breastfeeding. I should mention that I also anticipated a relatively easy transition to motherhood as a whole, which was not the case for me. I was generally clueless about motherhood, but also specifically clueless about breastfeeding.

This is not to say that breastfeeding (or motherhood) is awful. It isn’t – I love breastfeeding and have continued to breastfeed my now 22-month daughter. And I’m pretty sure I’ll remain her parent for the foreseeable future. I just now know that as mothers, we need to be real about the work that it takes to learn how to breastfeed and parent.

I hope that you will hop over to Lynn’s blog and read the rest of the post. I’m curious to hear from you, too. What helped you most during the early months of breastfeeding?


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