2005 – Minneapolis, MN

This is where we were, eight years ago. Wondering if the DJ was going to show up. Getting tired of taking pictures. Carrying eight years of our shared lives together and jumping into the next eight.


2007 – Lincoln, NE

This is where we were, six years ago. Sitting under a tractor at the state fair. Learning the new landscape of our relationship. Learning what forever really means.


2008 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is where we were, five years ago. Joking about the path we were on. Carrying ten years of loving and living as partners and friends.


2009 – Minneapolis, MN

This is where we were, four years ago. Adjusting to new roles in our lives, as our jobs shifted (as they had so many times before in our eleven years together). Loving each other.


2010 – Hayward, WI

This is where we were, three years ago. Annoying (completely) one of our best friends (in the background).


2011 – Minneapolis, MN

This is where we were, two years ago. Spending our last few moments as a childless couple. Balancing on the precipice of the biggest shift in our fourteen years together. Supporting each other through a long day and night. Anticipating all of the long nights to come.


2012 – Minneapolis, MN

This is where we were, one year ago. Surviving on little sleep. Loving our new little companion. Struggling with the all of the challenges of new parenthood. Learning and growing together.


2013 – Beloit, WI

This is where we were, this summer. Easing in to our new lives, in a new (and old) town. Sharing the responsibilities of supporting our family. Learning (once again) how to be kind to each other and kind to ourselves.

Today, Aaron and I celebrate sixteen years of our love, eight years of marriage, and two years of co-parenting Nora. I am so grateful for this journey that we’ve shared together. Together, we’ve lived in 3 states, shared 4 homes, raised 2 cats (somewhat successfully), had 14 jobs and published three books between us. It hasn’t always been easy, but we have always done our best to be good to each other, to support each other, and find space for each other. I cannot wait to see what the next sixteen years holds.

Aaron is an amazing partner and parent to Nora. I am astounded every day, at the work he does to support us and care for us. It’ s hard work and he does it so well. I love you, Aaron.


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