August Break, Week 1

During the month of August, I am joining The August Break, hosted by Susannah Conway. I am going to take and post one daily photo to my Instagram and Tumblr. Then, on Mondays, I will aggregate the week’s photos here.

If you’re doing The August Break too, please leave a note in the comments, so that I can follow along.

August 1August 1, 2013

August 2August 2, 2013 – “Circles”

August 3August 3, 2013 – “Yellow”

August 4August 4, 2013 – “Love”


I’m loving the combination of Instagram and August Break, which I didn’t have two years ago when I participated. Hashtags are the greatest ever. I also really appreciate the addition of the prompt words this  year. They’ve really focused my energy and my attention, in a way that I appreciate. There will be days that I use the prompts and days that I don’t, of course, but so far, I love them.

The August Break 2013


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