Links I Love, Volume 6

On time this week! W00t!

Progressive Parenting

One of my best friends sent me this TED talk by Colin Stokes describing the importance of sharing female-driven media with both sons and daughters.

On Huffington Post, Lyz Lens shared what her experience of not buying clothes for a year will teach her daughter about fashion. As a fellow conflicted clothes shopper, I totally agree.

A woman on Offbeat Families shares a story about explaining her Medusa pendant to her niece. While this is about an aunt-niece relationship, I’m calling it parenting…extended family parenting.

Birth & Breastfeeding

From Birth Without Fear, an old school story about an adoptive birth and supplemental breastfeeding. This mother’s determination astounds me.

From a doula and first time mama, a very honest account about establishing breastfeeding. Even if you have lots of professional expertise, this $#%& is hard.

Parenting When It’s Hard

Nell over at Whole Parenting Family, a pretty awesome Minnesota blog has a great post this week about cultivating gratitude, especially when you’re overwhelmed. Parenting a little is like living in constant overwhelm, so this is a great reminder.


Self-love is different than self-care, I think. Self-love is knowing deep in your bones your intrinsic value and beauty as a person, regardless of what is going on around you. Over at her blog, Vivienne McMaster is sharing 14 days of self-love leading up to Valentine’s Day. I saved them and read a big chunk today, which I really needed. Here are the one’s I love, so far:

* Liz Lameroux on rest
* Lori Portka’s 5 strategies for self-love, including peeing when you first have to pee.
* Amanda Oaks on movement (beware this one made me bawl!)

That’s all for this week!

What links did you love this week?


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