Morning + Afternoon + Evening (January 24)


Morning (Frost on my front window, around 7:30 AM)



Afternoon (Lunch at my desk, around 12:15 PM)


Evening (Playing a proto-hide-and-seek before bath time, around 6:00 PM)

In between these moments, I did dishes with my daughter. I put on make up and thought about all the layers I put on myself each day. I walked the two blocks to work, in the bitter cold.

I prepped for the class I’m co-teaching. I’m teaching again, which makes me so happy. I responded to emails. I made spreadsheets and met with students and breathed through my frustrations. I spent much of my day in my head. I also laughed, a lot.

In between these moments, I watched Nora crawl, which is new even though she has been walking for two months. I read to her about dinosaurs and children playing and making music. I sang to her the one Raffi song I know.

I still have moments left today, where I will breathe and relax and shake off the remnants of the day. I will go to sleep and do it all again tomorrow.


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