Links I Love, Volume 4

Each week, I will post links about the things that I’m thinking about, reading, watching, or doing, and of course, they’ll be content that I love. In this practice, I’m hoping to curate my own storehouse of media that showcases my interests. You can find all of the Links I Love posts here.


Of course, I loved Richard Blanco’s beautiful inaugural poem. The lines about the work of our hands especially moved me when I heard it.


I am a Midwest transplant, but I’ve lived here for the majority of my life. I accept winter as part of the package, but I never revel in it. I endure it. Minnesota Public Radio shared these breathtaking winter photos, to answer the question, “Why Minnesota?”


A Missouri doula at the awesome blog Talk Birth shares her own perspective on the answer to every new mom’s question’ “Why didn’t anyone tell me it was this hard?” This post had me weeping, honestly.

Sticking with the honesty theme, the author of Dear Baby shares her own successes and failures as a mother if two toddlers. While I only have one, which is plenty, I really resonated with her words.

This week at Offbeat Families, they are sharing stories of alternative families, from adoption to Child Free. This story of two dads/partners parenting their foster child is simply touching.

Creative Practice

One of my favorite bloggers, Liz Lameroux, wrote beautifully about seeking truth through self-portraiture. I find that I’m really captivated by this movement towards self-portraiture as a healing practice.

I’m winding down from this month’s Mindful Writing Challenge. I really enjoyed this post from Writing Our Way Home, the hosted of the small stone challenge, about losing the little me through mindful awareness.

What links did you love this week?”


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