Links I Love, Volume 3

Each week, I will post links about the things that I’m thinking about, reading, watching, or doing, and of course, they’ll be content that I love. In this practice, I’m hoping to curate my own storehouse of media that showcases my interests. You can find all of the Links I Love posts here.

Toddlers, Toddlers, Toddlers!

  • I have toddlers on the brain, since Nora is now a full fledged, temper filled, loving, awesome toddler. Over at Offbeat Families, there was an excellent post about what living with a toddler is really like. I could have written it.
  • At Mothering, there was a post about how to tame toddler tantrums. While I’ve already tried most of the tips, the introduction about biochemical reasons for tantrums was very helpful.

Raising Daughters

  • One of my good friends turned me onto Pigtail Pals & Ballcap Buddies right after Nora was born. This blog is all about raising daughters and sons to be confident and free of gender stereotyping. This week, she had two terrific posts. In the first, she writes about her daughter noticing the lack of mothers in fairy tales. In the second, she also writes about her daughter, but this time how she feels full of awesome before looking in the mirror.

Body Love

  • I just found Vivienne McMaster’s blog two weeks ago and I have a feeling that she’ll be making lots of appearances in these posts. In this post, she reflected on loving her body through self-portraiture.

Birth Stories


What links did you love this week?


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