Links I Love, Volume 2

Each week, I will post links about the things that I’m thinking about, reading, watching, or doing, and of course, they’ll be content that I love. In this practice, I’m hoping to curate my own storehouse of media that showcases my interests. You can find all of the Links I Love posts here.


  • Over at Dear Baby, a beautifully touching post, written to the author’s two children. I can’t summarize it very well, without it sounding trite, but I know I’ve had the same ephiphany when looking at my daughter.
  • I love positive, overcoming obstacles breastfeeding stories. Birth Without Fear, an awesome natural birth blog, featured one recently with a gorgeous photo shoot.

Body Love

  • I just discovered Vivienne McMaster’s blog, through a couple of different sources. Her big creative project for the past several years has been self-portraiture.This week, she provided a retrospective of all of her selfies, showing the evolution of her artistic eye.
  • Offbeat Families featured photos from “A Beautiful Body”, a forthcoming book featuring photos of new mothers. I love the honesty of these photos. This is what mothers really look like. I also recommend reading the full post from the photographer’s website. Her story is fascinating. Note: these pictures do include (tasteful) nudity, so it’s a little NSFW.

Social Justice

What are you loving this week?


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