Reframing My Priorities

This month, I am refocusing my energies on self-care through a class with Liz Lamoreux. I am engaging in thrice weekly prompts, along with a group of other women. There is something powerful about participating in reflection, mindfulness, and recharging with a group. I am so glad I made the choice to take the class, because I have found that I am truly struggling.

Yesterday, Liz asked us to think of one thing that we could do to support ourselves this month. After journaling a while on my need to prioritize self-care, in the face of work + parenting + lack of sleep, I wrote the below pledge to myself:

In order to be a healthy mama, partner, and person, I acknowledge that I cannot do it all.

In order to do my best in all of my roles and work in the world, I know that I must take time daily to recharge and fill my cup. Only then, can I truly pour myself into my relationships and responsibilities.

My daily need for self-care is not proof of my selfishness, but proof of my humanity.

So that I may model for my daughter how to honor one’s strengths and vulnerabilities, how to treat one’s self gently and lovingly, I pledge to make self-care a responsibility that I fulfill regularly.


For the rest of the month, I am going to wake up early each morning, to participate in self-care rituals. Yoga, journaling, reading poetry, and meditating. It’s time for me to feel human again.


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