Morning + Afternoon + Evening (December 5)

december 5 morning

Morning (Dishes around 7:00 AM)

december 5 afternoon

Afternoon (My office window, around 3:30 PM)

december 5 evening

Evening (Playing before bath time, around 6:30 PM)

This was my day. At least the pretty parts. The easy to capture parts. The parts where I had the time and the presence of mind to grab my camera.

In between these pictures, I worked ten hours at my job. I spent a lot of time reading (student resumes, research on social capital and job searches, and the never-ending stream of emails). I had staff meetings. I listened to a psychologist present his research on treating domestic violence perpetrators and the importance of loving (but not necessarily liking) the abusers in order to help them. I met with students and talked to them about their goals. I came home and ate dinner. I gave my daughter a bath. I nursed her in a quiet bedroom.

There were parts that I couldn’t capture by camera: the toddler who wouldn’t (couldn’t sit still), her joy at seeing pictures of herself, the way she says her name (no-wah) when she sees the picture. The microscopic “yuckies” that she finds on the floor and in the bathtub and carefully hands me. The blue reflection on the floor in her bedroom when we nursed.

In between these pictures, I was busy. I was tired. I was happy. And now I’m back here again, at the end of my day, making sense of all of its parts.


Pictures taken via Instragram. I’m 9to5poet over there.


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